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Women’s Healthcare Group in York, Pennsylvania, is a full-service OB/GYN practice that serves as your one-stop shop for women’s health. In addition to managing your prenatal and gynecological needs, the experienced physicians also offer in-office procedures to save you time and the hassle of having to go to the hospital. To learn more about the in-office procedures available at Women’s Healthcare Group, call the office today.

In-Office Procedures Q & A

What is an In-Office Procedure?

An in-office procedure refers to any special test or procedure the medical experts at The Women’s Healthcare Group perform at the office. These procedures help you save time, money and a trip to the hospital.

What Procedures are Done In-Office?

The medical experts at The Women’s Healthcare Group may be able to perform a number of procedures at the office. Some of the most common include:

  • Colposcopy: A colposcopy is a special test that allows your provider at Women’s Healthcare Group to take a better look at your cervix. You may need a colposcopy if the results of your Pap smear came back abnormal. During a colposcopy, you lie on the gynecological table as you would during your pelvic exam and a speculum is used to visualize the cervix. The colposcope, which is a type of microscope, is placed at the opening of your vagina and a special solution is swabbed on your cervical tissue. Then, with the help of the colposcope, your provider looks for tissue abnormalities that may indicate cancer. A biopsy may be recommended during your colposcopy to further evaluate your tissue.
  • Endometrial Ablation: The endometrial ablation is a procedure used to treat heavy menstrual bleeding. During this in-office procedure, the physician places a special wand into your uterus that when activated sends radiofrequency energy to your endometrial tissue and destroys it. The procedure takes only about ten minutes, but you may experience some cramping during and afterward. Your specialist may suggest you take it easy for about 1-2 days.
  • Hysteroscopy: A hysteroscopy is a procedure that allows the physician to take a closer look inside your uterus. You may need a hysteroscopy if you’re experiencing heavy menstrual bleeding, have post-menopausal bleeding, or an abnormal finding on an ultrasound. During the procedure, a thin, lighted scope is inserted into your uterus, enabling the physician to evaluate your uterine tissue more closely.


How Do I Prepare for In-Office Procedures?

Your specialist provides specific guidelines on how to prepare for your in-office procedure based on the type of procedure you’re having done.

They will make sure you fully understand the procedure you are having and the steps you need to take beforehand so everything goes smoothly.

For more information about the in-office procedures, call Women’s Healthcare Group today.