Financial Policy


Concerns about rising health care costs and their burden to American families are deeply felt here, and the avoidance of unnecessary costs are an important part of the overall care afforded our patients. Our fees are consistent with those of others in our specialty in this region.

We participate in most HMOs and PPOs, Pennsylvania Blue Shield, and Medicare. We also actively participate in the Healthy Beginnings Plus program of Pennsylvania Medical Assistance for obstetrical care for eligible participants. Contact our billing office to assure that we participate with your insurance.

For those insurance providers that we participate with, you MUST provide us with a current insurance card at the time of each visit.

You will be expected to pay any co-payment, deductible, or uncovered expenses at the time of service. We recommend you discuss the fee for your care with our billing office and arrange a payment schedule if necessary. We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover. Our Executive Administrator will be happy to discuss all fees with you along with any financial problems that may arise and our office staff is available to help you with insurance claims.

Fees for obstetrical care include:

  • Most prenatal office visits
  • Delivery
  • Your visit six weeks after delivery


Additional charges are made for:

  • Surgery if Cesarean delivery is required
  • Special tests/ultrasounds
  • Additional hospital care/medical problems
  • Circumcision


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